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The first step was to scout for a location for the project. The chairperson was put into contact with Vajira Sri Children Development Center in Pitakotte by a fellow Leo member of SLIIT. Additionally arrangements were made for the distribution of books, other stationary and evening tea. A date was set prior to the event and the chairperson along with other club members spent the day in Maharagama purchasing the books, other stationary items, milk packets, biscuit packets, chocolates, Toffees and other food items required. It was decided by the chairperson to get the support of SLIT with regards to the transportation needs for the day. The program for the day was also planned with the assistance of some fellow foreign students. Finally 25th of August dawned and the chairperson ensured that everything was carried out according to plan. The program officially commenced at 1.00 pm and was conducted by the chairperson. The children were split into groups and each group was encouraged to create a name and a cheer for themselves. The aim was to bring out the creativity and build team bong among the children. Next “paper magic” and an activity with straws were held to teach the children on how problems can be solved by thỉnking outside the box. The children were given chocolates at the end of this activity. “Centipede walk” was another activity that was helped to improve the team work skills of the children. Another two activities carried out to improve the memory skills of the children. Leo members then served evening tea to the children. The children then displayed their various talents in singing, dancing and acting through the next activity. Around 4.30 pm the children were taken to the sports ground and engaged in various different activities to get some exercise and improve certain sports skills. At 5.30 all sports activities were ended and the gift packages were given away to the children by the Leos. The project successfully adjourned at 7.00 pm for fellowship.

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