Apekshawata Athwelak

Project “Apekshawata Athwelak” was created by the strength and blessings of the SLIIT Leos, to help own beloved brothers and sisters, caught in a battle between life and death, at the “Apeksha” Cancer Hospital in Maharagama. The main focus of the project was to help quench the hunger of these Innocent individuals by distributing frults and biscuits among them. Before embarking on this project, the donation unit of the “Apeksha” Cancer Hospital in Maharagama was contacted and the Leos were able to obtaln Information about the types of fruits and biscuits sultable for cancer patients. Next the date the project was set as Friday, 30th February 2019. 150 cancer patients were chosen for the project. On Friday 30th January 2019, around 8.30 am the food parcels were prepared at SLIIT. Another noteworthy point is that eco-friendly types of brown paper and polythene sheets were used for packing food items. By 10:30 am Leos were able to complete the preparation of the 150 food parcels and start their Journey to the Cancer Hospital. The Leos first visited the Donation Unit of the hospital; presented the officials with a food parcel we prepared and got the approval to implement our project in the hospital premises. The officials then prepared four Cancer Wards, 09/10/11 and 28 which provide In-house treatment for elderly cancer patients, for the implementation of our project. And so Project “Apekshawata Athwelak” officially launched. The Leos went to the bedside of each patient, handed them the food parcel and made friendly conversation. All the patients were overjoyed to recelve a parcel of delicious food and the opportunity engage in friendly banter. They thanked he Leos not only with loving words but also with their smiles and great laughter. The project didn’t stop at just the distribution of food parcels; Leos also performed some beautiful songs with guitar for the cancer patients to ensure their mental and spiritual wellbeing.

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