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‘Be a leader’ a one day program to build cohesiveness through education was held on 25th of September 2019 at Royal College Horana to over 550 students and 50 teachers. The project was brought forward by Leo Malindu, and this is an output of a one month old plan. Firstly the chairperson had to make calendar booking and get approval from the Principal of Royal College. And then he decided to invite Mr. Mohan Palliyaguruge as the guest speaker of this session who is one of the most renowned trainers in Sri Lanka. When Leo Malindu was organizing this event, the prefect board of this school had given a huge support to him. A kandyian-dancing team for welcoming guests was arranged by this school in the occasion. Two- three days before this event, Leo Malindu did the reservations for SLIIT bus to facilitate other Leos who were about to join from SLIIT premises, providing them the transport. Everything was well- planned by 24th. The session was started and the welcome speech was delivered to the audience by the Leo Malindu. Next the Motivational speaker, Mohan started delivering his lecture. And this lecture was conducted as two parts. ln the first half he made a clear demonstration about leadership qualities, children should have in their lives. Second half of the session was lectured after the interval time. In the mean time a small yogurt treat was served to everyone. Nelt half is all about the Secrets of memory, and the speaker described about some special tips to improve the performance and gave solutions for the problems most of the students occur regarding exams. This whole lecture was happened in almost 4 hours time. As a souvenir gift, a natural plant which signs that Leos against to the environmental pollution, was given to the guest speaker and to the person who sponserd for this event. End of this session students gave their feedbacks by writing small chits. Almost all were possive comments about this event. Finally, Leo Malindu the project chairperson of the project delivered the vote of thanks.

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