Rakagamu Siripa

“Rakagamu siripa” is a environmental project that clean the sri pada area. We heard that there were lot of plastic and other rubbish things around the sripada area and we decided to clean this historical area by our own hands.We started our journey On 3rd of January 2020 at 3.00pm from kaduwela and we reached to Nallathanniya at 9.00 pm. Then we started our hike at 10.00 pm and and we reached the summit at 2.00 am. The route was not hard than other routes because it is the main route for the summit.We didn’t collect any rubbish things on that route because the hatton route was very dean than other routes so we decided to clean the kuruwita route. We stayed up there until the sun rise and we started our project at the summit with the help of police officers.We took some information about the kuruwita road and we started to clean the route at 7.00 am. Kuruwita road was a very dangerous and hard road and we took 9 hours to descend the mountain. We collected 12 garbage bags until we reach to the bus and it took 9 hours for 19 KM. 6:30 pm, the work has finally ended with taking photographs with all the joined members as a family. Eventually all the participated members continued to drive again to SLIIT by the bus approximately around 7.00 pm. During the drive, stopped at a restaurant and had dinner and by the way project chairperson thanked all the participated 18 Leos for giving their time, their energy, hard work and their heart to success the project as a family during 2 days. The event successfully concluded and at about 9.00 pm SLIIT bus reached to SLIIT.

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