Meal For All 2.0

Project “A meal fro all 2.0” was held on 6th of March 11 a.m to 2 p.m at Kaduwela area. We organized it in order to feed the poor, social workers & stray animals in that area. After we shared the project flyer number of SLIIT students willingly participated by money and lunch packets. Then after collecting all the funds we ordered lunch packets, yogurts and water bottles. On the project day morning around 25 Leo members gathered to SLIIT to participate our project and we collected our orders from shops. Then we headed to Kaduwela town. After that we started our project “A meal for all 2.0”. Next all the food packets were shared among the poor and social workers. After sharing all the lunch packets next we fed stray animals by foods that we arranged. By 2.30 p.m we arrived to SLIIT after the successful project.

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