In order to give a helping hand to the students who are sitting for the GCE Ordinary Level examinations, the Leos of SLIIT organized a project named “Walipilla” which was a series of seminars on subjects such as Mathematics and Science. The first and the second phases of the projects were conducted via the zoom platform due to the pandemic situation but the third phase was conducted physically for the students of Athurugiriya Mahamathya Vidyalaya. The seminar was held on the 15th of September starting from 8.30 am and was a 5-hour session that was mainly focused on discussing the GCE O/L mathematics paper. The main host of the session was Mr. Anjan Kavya supported by our fellow Leos who gave their kind assistance to the students who needed help during the session. The project was a great success and received many positive feedbacks.

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