Hunger Relief 2.0 – International Mega Twinning Project

The project Hunger Relief 2.0 was proposed by “LEO MULTIPLE DISTRICT 315, BANGLADESH” and they had an open invitation for anyone willing to join with them. There were 296 clubs from sixteen countries who collaborated in order to participate in this project. The trustee who was appointed to conduct this project is Leo Don Ranul Deelaka, who is the Activity Director of Public & International Relations who planned the project to be conducted in the Udumulla Atawisimuni Wiharaya, Kurunagala on 16th of September. And as a part of the project ten poor families were selected to grant essential dry rations and educational essentials like books and pens were given to the children of the selected families. The international twinning project was a success and the families left with a bright smile on their faces.

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