Leo Club of SLIIT

ස්පර්ශ – Phase 01

<p><strong><em>”පොඩ්ඩන්ට නත්තල් – හෙට ලොව ජයගැනීමට වෙර දරන මල් කැකුළු වෙනුවෙන්”</em></strong></p><p>Leo Club of SLIIT successfully carried out the project ස්පර්ශ first phase on the <strong>23rd of December 2023</strong> at the<strong> Galle Face area</strong> in Colombo.</p><p>On that day we could handover gift packs which included a toy &amp; stationaries, for children of families who are in a financial struggle in the current economic crisis.</p>

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